List of games

BeeFlame Studios presents ‘Grey Skies’ – an adventure game focused on exploration, where the player directs the actions of the Wanderer. Lost and harassed by ghosts of his past, the man has to cross the bizzare Land of Twilight to find out who he is and why he’s there. The truth can be learnt only through meeting unique characters and collecting fragments of his memories.

Lydia is a dark, atmospheric and emotional story-driven adventure game. The theme of the game is alcoholism and especially how it affects children. The story is heavily based on Platonic Partnership team members own experiences on the subject matter.

The protagonist of the game is a little girl, who processes her parents’ alcoholism through her imagination.

Squirrels face Dogs in a physics-based soccer battle. Cooperate with your teammates, grab the right items and kick your opponents to win the competition and save your nuts in this multiplayer-focused party game.
Be the 1st to save 5 nuts. Each game is a short and intense match playable solo, local-multiplayer or online for competition. It becomes quickly addictive.

Master Lander is a physics driven arcade game where you take on a role of remote lander pilot. Your task is to bring the lander from the orbits down to surfaces of different exoplanets. In order to achieve high score award you need to hover close to alien artifacts scattered on the exoplanets before landing precisely in designated zone. Easier said than done!

Sapu is a top-down, action RPG game set in dark fantasy world. Play as a supernaturally gifted young boy and solve the mystery behind the world plunged in darkness. Develop your elemental magic skills and fight against the most creepy beasts we can imagine.

In the Beta Object we meet the main character from Atlantis, who sets out for space missions. When he returns, he finds his home different than another. He chooses coordinates and sets off to the place where he left. how it turns out his former home is no longer what he expected …

After scraping out a bleak existence in the post-apocalyptic wastelands, you thought you were prepared for anything. But now there’s no way to run. The choices you make determine how everything plays out in this classic point-and-click adventure.
Steam page:

Vintage Story is a game about innovation and exploration. It thrusts the player into a carefully-generated semi-autonomous world and challenges them to survive and overcome the natural and unknown threats of their new home. Intrepid players who accept this challenge will find themselves rewarded with mechanics that respects their intelligence and allows for tangible, realistic invention.

What would happen to the world in which appeared a technology capable of cloning anything? Overloop is a dystopian platformer set in a world where the cloning of any subject is possible. Use the cloning gun to clone yourself, but don’t forget what you’re dealing with!

That was lovely day. Until ugly monsters start to attack our planet! Our hero grabs his gun and try to defend his cafe. Mine crystals, upgrade your bullets, throw grenades and earn some money! Die… and start again! What a lovely day, isn’t it?

Play as a fisherboy, diving into the deep sea waters, hunt for fish with variety of weapons like spears, harpoons, hunting guns, and so on. Your goal is to catch as many fish as you can. Also watch out for dangerous sea creatures.

Life is a game. But can the game be a symbol of the life? The game in which elements represent life situations. Sometimes we feel pain like the game character destroyed by spikes. Friends always help, the doors stop our movement, and we must think and resolve all difficulties. Hmm … am I talking about „One person story” game or real life now?

Medusa’s Labyrinth 2 is the much-awaited sequel to the first-person horror game Medusa’s Labyrinth, set in ancient Greece. In this sequel, you take the role of a young oracle, caught in the midst of a crisis. The sun has been lost in the sky, seemingly turned to stone, and the Gods seem to have no answers for the people. In this dark time, new horrors seem to rise up from the depths…

Meteora is a 2 Button fast paced survival space racer in which you play as a Meteor trying to survive the beautiful but hostile space where everything is working against you from forces, matter to time.Choose your route around asteroid fields, eroding planets and many more unrelenting space events. Experience an existence in the blurry flux racing other meteors and a clock that never stops…

Jardin Secret 2 Deluxe, is an arcade game with refreshing & addictive gameplay twists. Burst open the seeds and gaze at the chain reactions. Be wary of miscalculations, however. If you rush through without proper reflection, you might not have enough water to complete your garden and the level. JS2D is above all else a strategic puzzle-solving game based on observational and decision-making skills

“Monkey Wall” features four funny monkeys whose ambition is to become the world’s best martial artist.
They undergo a drastic training which consist of running and jumping trough walls of different shape.

The players have to match the right monkey’s pose to the shape of the wall by solving small puzzles.

‚Night Knight’ is a VR game based on the principles of classic tower defense games where you play the role of a knight trying to defend his castle from endless waves of enemies who try to attack it each night using bow and arrows.
During the day time you can upgrade your defenses, weapons and abilities.

Galactic Leagues is a TPS Arcade Shooter Action game inspired by game success like Starfox or Deadspace.

The Galactic Leagues, these legendary Mercenaries with sometimes, extremes methods, will have to solve this enigma and permanently eliminate all fugitives.

AntVentor – is a Point & Click adventure game by a LoopyMood studio.
You find yourself in a photorealistic macro world, where you immediately manage to break the ideal life of the main character Ant and ruin all plans for the realization of his Dream. Can you get everything back in order?

Profanum: Sclavinia is a classic RPG focused on storytelling and combat on hexes. Success in a battle depends on efficient use of the party members’ skills. Every hero has two skill trees which results in plenty of possible party builds. The plot is set in the 10th century, on the lands of slavic tribes. It’s a dark fantasy story about slavic mythos and fading pagan cultures.

Cotrio is a visually stunning number placement puzzler, made for people who want to move their brains and imagination. The game offers hours of challenging fun and dozens of living, tangible worlds to explore.
Cotrio is a relaxing experience for smart people – an escape at your fingertips.

Kaze and The Wild Masks is a game about a rabbit who use the legendary Wild Masks, it unlocks powerful new abilities, which allows him to run faster, climb mountains, fly high in the clouds and swim inside the depths of the ocean! The game is a classic and genuine 2d side-scrolling platform game, that more than anything, is a love letter to the 16-bit era.

Hidden Deep is 2D action & exploration sci-fi thriller game (for PC) where you command group of explorers deep under the ocean floor to find out what happened to previous expedition to which contact has been lost. As they go deeper and deeper, they discover strange structures and deadly unknown organisms.

Mirrors is a strategy puzzle game where you play as an adventurer navigating your way through the tombs of ancient Egypt. By using the power of the sun you must direct light by reflecting it off various mirrors onto an orb which will activate the door into the next tomb.

Dive into a 3D puzzle cyber world and try to defeat a virus by using its reset mechanism against it. Kyklos Code, a first person action puzzler, sends you into your computer to defeat a virus. The virus has full control over your data and resets you to your starting location every 10 seconds. The only way to fight back is by manipulating the reset state of objects and activating new reset location

Sayri Adventure is an adventure exploration game with puzzle elements in an extraterrestrial setting. The main hero, Sayri, is a sole survivor of his kind after a global cataclysm. The world that sheltered him is living its last days. To survive and save his new friends, Sayri has to unite the native inhabitants into one tribe. That tribe has to solve the tricky puzzles and find a new homeland!

Feudal Alloy is a metroidvania-style action RPG with fishbowl-powered medieval robots!
Explore a huge medieval world, improve your combat skills by smashing a lot of mechanic creatures and talk to other robots using unique animated dialogues.

EnigmBox is an unique game that uses all the mobile devices capacities and inputs to solve 56 creative puzzles.

Think outside the box: Use all the mobile functionalities to solve puzzles: move it, touch it, take pictures, capture videos, plug accessories, use microphone, location service, buttons, native applications, etc.

Every puzzle is unique and hides a beautiful surprise.

Just you and your bike – take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash – all the way from the peak to the valley!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is downhill mountain biking game planned for release on PC/Mac/Linux mid-2018.

8SUNS is a tactical hack and slash game, set in a world of machine-like creatures. You are chosen to kill the gods and fight in the arena full of demanding opponents. An important element of the title is the component of cooperative gameplay, which will allow up to four mechs to play together.

The Chronicles of Nyanya is a cRPG game full of drama, humor, pop-culture references and unique quests with many solutions. It has epic fights in the classic jRPG style, captivating dialogues, lots of walking around with some breaks in the form of logic riddles that even an art history major could easily solve, stealth missions and raising your own pastry to become a yeast warrior.

Eximius combines tactical First Person Shooter (FPS) gameplay with high level strategic decision making of a Real-time Strategy (RTS) game. It features a competitive 5 versus 5 team battle system where players square off in an post-apocalyptic urban environment. Eximius is currently under development and is scheduled to release somewhere around mid 2018 as Early Access.

Mira, a caretaker working in an orphanage destroyed during world war II, is transported to a forgotten world of slavic legends.
Will she find out the mystery behind it? Discover in a new adventure game.

Ultimate Panic Flight is a flying game where your reflexes are put to the ultimate test!

Ultimate Panic Flight is a fun, addictive and free arcade game. In control of planes with a cartoon design you have to achieve dangerous missions all around the world in an endless flying game.

Prepare for the ultimate cuteness, with a huge selection of fancy dogs: 20+ different dog breeds with distinctive personalities. Collect them all: fabulous Chihuahuas, adorable French Bulldogs, gentle Dalmatians, and many more such as the Beagle, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Bull Terrier… Dress ’em up, watch them talk funny things, capture funny moments.

Fill your beautiful garden with over 40 species of fabulous fancy cats, each with their own unique personalities!
You can name each cute cat, feed them, play with them, pet them and dress them up in an array of paw-some costumes and accessories! Bat Cat? The Great Catsby? Kitty Galore? Purr-fessor Dumblepaw? The Notorious C.A.T? Fancy Cats has it all!

Around Mars is an innovative game about the orbit of space rocks around the planet Mars.

You are required to successfuly place these massses in orbit around Mars, making sure they do not collide with one another, with other objects or fall into the surface of the planet.

Planetary Colonization

Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Raise great cities and satisfy their appetite for resources by building power plants, farms. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods into space.

“A Place for the Unwilling” is a narrative experience set in the last days of a dying city. Explore these twisted streets as you meet their inhabitants and get closer to them. Time never stops and the end keeps getting closer.

– A living city to explore which evolves with each passing day.
– A wide cast of citizens with handcrafted backgrounds, routines and stories.
– Dynamic deep narrative

Machiavillain is an evil mansion management and strategy game, inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Prison Architect and all the horror movie clichés! Build your own manor, raise your monsters, set up your traps, and exterminate your victims. But to gain reputation you’ll have to slay by the horror movie rules! So slaughter them when they’re alone, kill the virgin last, and never, ever hurt the dog!

Koloro is a contemplative puzzle/platformer playable with only one button. Its story reveals a poetic world. Graphics and atmosphere are enhanced through the use of contrasts, and bewitching sound effects and music. You play Kora who embarks on a quest to find her missing sister. You will need to find the courage to overcome obstacles in order to guide her through dangerous levels full of mystery.

Self-centered CEO is desperately trying to save his company from collapse. Together with that he is forced to rescue the entire town from an impending disaster.

Every game character is a puzzle itself that can be solved or broken, so there are two ways to follow.

Dashy Square is a rhythm-based music platformer. Dash, jump and fly your way through epic levels with rhythm-based gameplay! Create, share and play custom levels with a wide variety of music soundtracks.

Assume the role of a praying mantis in a relationship. Constantly torn between their mutual love and the instinct to have sex – which could lead to the male mantis’s death – the couple are now on the verge of making a decision. Assume the role of either of the lovers, and try to keep their relationship in balance. Do your best to convey your feelings in a situation with no solution.

Bushy Tail is a narrative, adventure game which tells the story of Little Fox. The game world transforms constantly, depending on which child is telling the story and the player gets the sense of influencing the plot.

MarZ Rising is a tactical base defense game which lets players discover a completely new gameplay experience of the tower defense genre. The game combines base building, resource management, micromanagement and base defense within a thrilling single player campaign.

Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game that sets you off on a magical journey through a breathtakingly scenic world. The mystical symbols had served the “saviour” for generations. Now, they bestow their powers on Uri as the young prince sets foot beyond the palace for the first time. By manipulating these symbols in the forms of buttons and bar of the user interface

GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is a hilarious ultra-violent Tarantino-style over-the-top game where players must dismember each other by chopping off arms and legs. Lost a limb or two? Worry not, the fight continues even when there are just two little stumps, and it keeps going until one fighter emerges victorious after dismembering all the opponent’s four limbs!

DARK TRAIN is an oppressive steampunk 2D adventure made of paper. Assume the role of mechanical squid ANN 2.35f that is tied to a railroad tamagotchi and deliver the mysterious order for the deceased D. W. Tagrezbung, famous inventor from the Border City.

BELPAESE: Homecoming is the first chapter of a 2D Point & Click Indie Graphic Adventure Game. It illustrates the political rise of a slob who, despite his many defects, in fact thanks to them, is rewarded with easy women, money, power and fame. In short: the art of making do with nothing! Where? In Italy, of course!

Artania — non-linear post-apocalyptic adventure game in retro-stylistics. During your travel around the post-apocalyptic world by the old locomotive, you will come face-to-face with difficult decisions, which will determine your destiny.

Math Combat Challenge is a Math game, and is also a survival game, with some First Person areas and open space starship areas. The key of the game is solving math problems while trying to survive. Complexity of the math problems are random and can be configured. The player will have to test his/her challenges in math and combat to win, so we can talk about Math Soldiers.

Dive into the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of Swim Out, a strategic, turn-based puzzle game, that will transport you into a sunny day by the swimming pool, the river or the sea. Plan each of your strokes wisely and be sure to never cross any other swimmer’s path if you want to peacefully enjoy the sea view on a cosy chaise-longue.

Ary and the secret of seasons is an adventure game introducing the possibility to navigate between all the seasons.

In this epic story, you will follow the journey of Ary across the world of Valdi. As a new season’s guardian, her self-control and courage will lead her where no other guardian has been, and she will successfully restore the seasons in Valdi.

Lost Words is a multi-award winning atmospheric puzzler set between the pages of a diary and a fantasy land. The game features a story written by Rhianna Pratchett and ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player running on and interacting with words to solve puzzles.

Manic Panic takes arcade puzzle to a whole new level of excitement and fun. The simple, original gameplay for 2017. and shiny, relaxing graphics combine to give you amazing gaming experience that will draw you in within minutes of playing.

Path Out is is an autobiographical narrative adventure, that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. It is a tale full of surprises and paradoxical humor, where Abdullah recalls life before the war, a family decision that led to his departure and the perilous journey from his hometown Hama to the Turkish border.

Game is set in not so distant future where zombie hordes flood entire planet. Humanity didn’t gave up but organize rallies to purge the earth. To spice up this dangerous process people organize races through „contaminated” areas with special checkpoints where „purgers” must kill required number of zombies.
Game is planned for Steam and SteamVR (Oculus, HTC Vive and compatible headsets).

Football Tactics is using a ball rather than swords and sorcery in turn-based battles, developing a club instead of a castle, and leveling up your units after clashes on the stadium. Your most important skill in this game is your tactical and strategic thinking.

– Basic control
-Challenging and fun to play.
-Fabulous graphics.

Timid Goopy scares from life.

Whether you are a child or adult. Life is a struggle with difficulties.

You need to sustain your life without getting tired of it at all.

But when you success my friend, believe that you will help Timid Goopy to make him more brave.

Jump carefully through 40 mindful levels full of adventure.

Despite all the difficulties, if you make wise choices and be

SpaceNation is a combination of card game and tactical board game.
Choose a hero, build your deck and fight in a galaxy full of conflicts between hostile nations.
Carefully choose your allies and equipment. Think strategically to come out victorious from every battle.

Perang Laut – Maritime Warfare is historical strategy game where many kings and sultans try to expand their power with ports, sea control, and resource.
In this game, there are 11 native faction and 4 Europans faction. With map covered Peak of Sumatra, South Philiphina, Malaya, to West Papua and 100 ports, try to expand your nation and search your glory!

Fight waves of enemies in a gritty top-down sci-fi arena, with up to four friends in a classic co-op LAN party game. Upgrade weapons and equipment and unleash powerful abilities against waves of monstrous aliens to claim the DEATHPIT championship!

It’s a mobile, multiplayer game, where small worms are fighting each other to gain experience and coins to upgrade their weapons and to buy new outfit addons. Worms can also chat and trade! :>

Futurust is an adventure, steampunk, point ‘n’ click game, accompanied by hand-made graphics.

MOW is a 2D driving game in which you have to respect traffic signals, avoid crashes and countless hazards.

MOW will take you to dangerous situations (Landslides, cliffs and floods), mixed with adverse weather (Rain, snow, thunder and lightning). Take care of your car, refuel to keep going and repair faults in the workshop.

Cubes is a relaxing game about building. Given a set of colored cubes at the beginning, your task is to place them in the points with the same color placed on the map. Sort of like a digital rubik’s cube, it challenges and trains the players spatial recognition.

BLASTING MANIACS is a fast paced action shooter with an instinctive and challenging gameplay. It’s like the wild version of Asteroids with superpowers!

After a devastating war between ancient mages, Driftland has become a shattered planet, held together by a powerful spell. Take on the role of a mighty mage who is able to move and connect flying islands. Develop a great Empire and restore Driftland to its former glory in this unique combination of RTS, 4X and simulation genres!

Popcake Legend Pinpball is revisiting the classic game of pinball with a taste of French pastries (pocake, cupcake, baguette and croissants) together with the most famous arcade gameplays (magic doors, teleport, magic path, pachinko, curves, arkanoid, and even football goals!). You can choose from 15 different tasty balls (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, French cake…), each with different forces

Dive into the bizarre world of Epic Loon, a quirky physics platformer for up to 4 players playable in couch co-op or battle mode.

An offbeat tribute to sci-fi classic movies, players lead a group of aliens to take over Joe’s TV after they are rudely awakened from their home, an old-school cleaning VHS-tape.

Are You bored of simple mobile games, do You need a challenge?
If the answer is yes try Spiky Jumper! Help our friendly Spiky pass over 100 levels, dodge spikes, fire and other traps.
Thanks to mechaniks made by improving that known from flappy bird only Your skill can possision You on the top of leaderboard 😉
Tap, tap and remember, Never give up!

Ricochet Revolt is puzzle game. The player uses bouncing bullets to smash targets and progress through the levels. The game features minimalistic graphics, simple gameplay, wide variety of musical themes and a great number of levels (over 230 stages).

Breathtaking tower defence story about a rivalry between two horned civilizations: ravaging cow herds and tribes of horn-helmed vikings.

– Addictive gameplay
– Great looking graphics
– Formidable defensive towers: Archers, Wizards, Freezers and Artillery
– Stampeding cows equipped with arms and armor
– Bombastic incantations of incredible power
– Peculiar upgrades for your spells and towers

SUPER Cute Alien is an upcoming single/coop/versus platformer. Is a mix up of action and puzzles, contrasting cute and gore effects. Features multiple complex characters and a deep, meaningful story about what it means to be human. Grab your friends and play together in coop/survival game modes or against each other in versus!

Run away with your box monstar left or right to avoid getting hits from falling rocket and jump high to avoid getting hits from rockets or moveing ground that move under the box.

Fly high with flying power .
Protect your box monstar with shield power.
Let your monstar invisible with using invisble power.
Collect more coins with magnitude collecter.

Skullstone is a dark dungeon crawler game inspired by such classic titles as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep. Lead your four-character party through unexplored underground dungeon full of monsters and mysterious corridors. Solve numerous puzzles, find artifacts and powerful weapons.

Death and destruction came into Doodland. This happy and joyful land is going to change. Forever.
You play as one of Doodlers, a peacefull inhabitant of happy Doodland, attacked by a meciless monster. You have only two options: run as fast as you can or die.

Escape Doodland is an arcade platformer with intense and demanding gameplay in a crazy doodle world.

Exorder is a tactical turn-based game akin to the Advance Wars series, Ancient Empires II and the X-COM series.

Immerse yourself in a singleplayer campaign to discover the story of a conflict between three neighbouring countries or put your strategic thinking to the test in local or network multiplayer skirmish.

Planned release date: Q1 2018

Royal Cats is a „multitasking platform runner” mobile game where you control 3 cats in disguise independently to avoid obstacles.

„El Tango de la Muerte” (The Tango of Death) is a RHYTHM game about Tango that takes place in the year 1923 in Argentina. The game tells a story of love and betrayal in the time of Tango; it does it in 6 chapters and it will contain 13 playable songs in total. The game is under development and so far there are 2 chapters ready of a total of 6 (2/6).
The game is in Steam Early Access.

Robbie wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a small spirit telling him that he has to save humanity. Who cares ? If there is a reward he’ll do it.

Experience RAGE and satisfaction in this hardcore platformer!

CompliKATed is a scrolling tile-based puzzle game with a flavour of logic gates mechanics. You are playing as Julius, a bipedal fox who lives in an allegorical computer. Your task is to escape the corrupted memory zones, collecting QBITS, uploading logic instructions to terminals, opening laser gates, disabling high voltage areas, avoiding malicious software and saving trapped friends.

Kingdoms Online is a mobile MMO, representing the realistic medieval military experience with an amazing social aspect. By joining the realms in-game, players can gather forces with different international users, socialize and experience the real team play meaning, live the Arabian glory. This is a purely Arabic game with its graphics, designs, characters, leaders, units, and story.

Use your celestial powers to move objects in the world and bring back the great animal constellations of the world.

Orion, the famed hunter, sought to fracture the stars of all the animal constellations in the world. However, Vulpecula, the elusive fox constellation was able to escape his wrath and take shelter in the sanctuary of the stars, Artemis’ observatory. As this fox, use your celestial

Checkout is an arcade game where you play with geometric figures: cubes and etc. Grab a figure, search the special mark and tap. Collect stars also for resolving fun & tricky challenges. The clock is ticking, so you need to act fast. Exchange stars for new layouts! For example make your figures zebra or ice like! And many many more

Castle Brawle is a strategy, based on balanced counter pick of units and spells. Choose and promote your units to build a strong army! Use spells and abilities to destroy your foes! Crush the enemy`s castle!

Toy Trophy is a puzzle for kids 3+. Help Mila and Theo to find hidden trophy toys in different locations. Each location is a detailed panoramic image of some room in family house, so you can look around searching for missing objects. Find all missing items and place them correctly to complete the puzzle.

In game all is about to control moving snake and collect all caps (blue circle) before time is out. You control head of snake and have to avoid different impediments and not collide with it and snake segments.
You can catch different caps than blue and get some special powers.
There are 15 levels to pass. Your progress is saved as a ‘checkpoint’ when you reach it.


At the beginning there was only darkness. Shadows dominated life but light dropped into the dark and a complex world evolved.
You’re on your own. You’re the protector of your family. Go on a dangerous journey through unknown terrain looking for food for you and your kids. Your life is unconditionally bound to your children’s’ lives and your mutual love gives you strength and hope.

In Venus planet, many girls are kidnapped by terrorists. The Rescue operation is assigned to our hero CopMax. Each girl is locked up in different places. The terrorist has created many obstacles and challenges to CopMax. Face the Challenge and Rescue the Girls.

Enshrouded World is a vehicular combat experience that features non-linear progression and survival elements not seen in the genre until now. These features complement each other and work to build a strong relationship between player and hovercraft that must be maintained in order to survive.

An action platformer game inspired by classic 2D platformers to bring their spirit to the XXI century adding new and exciting features.
The gameplay is centered on the use and combination of different vehicles to complete the levels.

Sand is the Soul is a unique combination of side scrolling beatemup and action RPG, which could be best described as a modern day version of River City Ransom and Guardian Heroes, covered in Bloodborne sauce. With a distinct original graphical style, unique multiple moral systems including karma, crime, sanity, an engaging original Soundtrack, a multilayered plot, multiple endings and much more…

Steampirates: Rin’s Story is a Pirate Manager, with a mixture of RPG, VN and dating sims for iOS and Android. Take a role of the main adviser and strategist of Rin Breaker to secure her greatness and help her to change the World into a better place. You make all tactical decisions like team management, shopping, crafting, etc.

In Force Escape you must escape the dying planet by shuttle craft. Use your mysterious force power ring to deflect the defenses put in place to prevent your travel into orbit.

50 Unique and handcrafted levels to traverse
Easy to learn, incredibly hard to master
Beautifully art aesthetic and music

How to play: Just use your finger to drag the force ring around the screen to deflect dangers

Unborn is a free shooting game that incorporates multiple game play styles in one game.
A soldier, once a test subject goes against his evil creator to save the world from the monsters build by the evil doctor.

You are an agent, thrown headfirst into your first mission trying to unravel the mystery of the veil that is consuming the galaxy.

Created by former professional gamers and AAA developers, Imperatum is an Action RPG set in a future Sci-Fi universe.

The game focuses on the core ARPG ‚trinity’ mechanics of fast-paced combat, deep character customization and tons of loot!

Akuto: Mad World is an award-nominated fast-paced arena action game with swords and guns set on isometric diorama levels. Death is common but by using your weapons and the environment, you can survive to fight another day.

You are 4 friends. On a couch. You have 4 controllers. All you need is a post-apocalyptic excuse to duke it out. Only you never thought you’d love a fungi spewing gun that always leads to the same end result: glorious dismemberment. Moribund is a local multiplayer game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where a highly aggressive fungus strain has devoured most of the life. The gameplay i

“Dream Alone” is a hardcore platform game with dark, fairy tale features. The whole game has a “old horror” camera quality and is designed in grayscale. Apart from typical platform game mechanics, there are some unique features introduced – e.g. the player will be able to travel through alternate realities. The game will be published in the 1st quarter of 2018, will be available for PC and Mac.

Die for Valhalla! is a 2D arcade action game of hacking, slashing and crushing! Possess and take full control of heroes, enemies and scenery to help Vikings save their world! You can play solo or with friends (up to 4 players).

In Die for Valhalla! you will fight your way through the strange lands where Norse Mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos. Sounds Weird? Well, because it is!

Antegods is a Stonepunk battle arena where players team up in an intergalactic tournament for the chance to become Gods. Teamwork is crucial in order to control the arena and destroy the opposing Titan; the heart of every team. Players earn notoriety using their skills to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents in smooth free flowing arena battles.

Figment is an action-adventure game that invites you to explore a unique surreal universe filled with music, humor and multi layered narrative. Join Dusty and his ever-optimistic friend, Piper, on an adventure through the different sides of the mind seeking to restore the courage that’s been lost.

A Room Beyond is a point’n’click adventure for PC and Mac presented in an innovative mix of low poly and pixel art. This interactive graphic novel is told in 5 episodes about spirituality, occultism and life philosophy. By solving the mystery of the murderous “Fog Wanderer” players will uncover their own fate which seems to be oddly woven into the entire drama.

[Game is older than 6 months]

We all have limits.
We can cross them, but someone or something must show them to us.
That’s why I’ve made this game…

Can you think outside the box? You may never know unless something or someone makes you realise what’s it like. Join Space Box on his journey out of the box in this uniquely controlled 3D puzzle platformer and show him how to cross the boundaries of your own thinking!

It is the year of 2670. Globaltek is a monopolist in the field of defense technology and at any cost you have to grab the power module at a specially protected base. In addition to artificial intelligence, you will have to interfere with other hunters for these top-secret technologies, because many influential people would like to change the past and that’s why they send the best fighters.

Idle TD is a unique Clicker mixed with TD elements. Tap to kill the infinite creatures rushing towards your treasure, then build towers to help you out. Collect coins and upgrade your towers & skills to become more powerful. Explore a land full of mysterious monsters and see how far you can go!

X-Drums is an old school pixel art platformer where you are playing as a Japanese drummer, who is picking up notes on his way to Los Angeles. The «X» letter in the name of a game was taken from X-Japan the legendary Japanese rock band, and the band leader, Yoshiki, who is a drummer, and classically trained pianist, became a prototype for X-Drums’ chibi hero.

Explottens is a heart pumping, hair raising, pawtastic shoot ‘em up that follows K.I.T the pilot and his band of misfits as they zip, boost, and shoot through the sky, battling the ferocious felines known as K.L.A.W! Unlock weapons, aircrafts and sidekicks as you explode your way through this catacular adventures.

Tiny Jumper is an endless physics based fun jumping game. You can rejoice in the fun of collecting fruits and reaching the new arenas by a plane crashed pilot land in a delightful landscape. Enjoy the journey in all seasons and weather. Feel the thrill of doing special jumps. Go on.. surprises are all waiting…

Sairento VR is a very popular action VR games in Early Access. Here, you play a cyber ninja. Perform triple jumps, wall runs, power slides and slow time down while blasting away at a foe before landing to deliver a lethal strike on another. Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives and legendary relics. Customize your skills and weapons with an extensive upgrading system.

BVOVB follows a classic beat’em up game idea. You play as a retired boxer who is looking for his stolen dog. Obviously you will face lot’s of enemies. Game aesthetics tends to look like old, silent movies. I used pictures from 1910s, 20s and 30s for both backgrounds and characters. So if 8-bit games retro this one should be considered retro-retro.

Game includes a rag music inspired soundtrack.

Fhacktions is a unique location-based team battle mobile game, set in a not so distant cyberpunk future ruled by factions of hackers. The game is a crossover of location based gameplay with the MOBA and RPG genres (the game is a rare mix of DOTA and Pokémon Go). Under the cover of the game runs a very powerful marketing platform, where we send people to real places in the world.

In the arcade game Drant you play a small dragon that was swallowed by a huge stone golem trying to break out of your predators stomach. Drant is „Easy to learn but hard to master”. It has simple intuitive controls as well as challenging levels and it’s relentlessly honest – every mistake will be punished. Set time records and collect coins to unlock new characters and discover secrets.

Detectives Club is an adventure game . The story is about solving a murder case that to solve it the detective should find all the clues and answer the questions he has in mind. In order to solve the case and get clues, the detective should talk with people involved in the murder scene or the suspects of the case and interrogate them.

Tap the Blocks is the coolest survival match2 time killer game!
Brings enormous fun for all players from 0-199. Just remove stacks of blocks with the same color. And don’t let them fall into the abyss.

Failure: NeuroSlicers is a genre-defining highly tactical, narrative driven, online competitive cyberpunk arena based real-time strategy game. With AI powered units and battle board manipulation at its center, Failure offers a set of truly fresh challenges for both the seasoned competitive player as well as those looking for a truly fresh narrative driven strategy gaming experience.

Upside-Down Dimensions features a tale about good and evil, courage and bravery, and other typical antitheses. The player must fight against the rise of an evil army that wants to destroy the paper kingdom with two heroes: A boy and a girl, each existing in a separate reality of the same world, complete with distinct seasons and time of day.

Yaga is an Action RPG with a charming narrative that adapts to your choices, exploring the enchanted world of Slavic culture and folklore.
Become a folk tale hero: play as a one-handed blacksmith blessed with incredible strength, on his quest to be rid of his incredible bad luck!
The game takes place in the universe of Slavic folktales filled with pagan belief, house spirits & magic.

Gorescript is a classic first person shooter game, inspired by the great old classic FPS games that defined the genre. Fight your way through 18 handcrafted levels of frantic action paced gameplay, from easy to hardcore levels of difficulty.

Indygo is a narrative game with elements of point’n’click set in one room only – painting workshop. It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. One of the symptoms is proceeding isolation. Main character haven’t left his room for more than 3 months. The person who helps him live through this hard time is his girlfriend Anna.

Penny’s Farm is a chaotic local co-op farming game with increasing difficulty and procedural narrative. You must survive diarrhea, heart aches and rabbit invasions while running a farm together with your mates, if you don’t you’ll get fired.

Follow Alex on his new stage in life at the prestigious all-male boarding school St.Michaels. He will meet new friends, but soon he will also find out his life is in danger! Will he survive his school year? Will he find true love? It’s all up to you!

– 100.000 words long story (around 10 hours of gameplay)
– Three routes with nine different endings!
– Suggestive CGs (no nudity)